The Solution to Hosting Hotel Guests in 2021

The Solution to Hosting Hotel Guests in 2021

Introducing FETCH My Order (FETCH) - the seamless and safe way to order food in quarantine. With new rules now in place, travellers who arrive in England from countries at high risk from new coronavirus variants will be forced to quarantine in hotels, meaning safety for staff and occupants has never been more vital. Luckily, FETCH is on hand to take away the risk of contamination, with a groundbreaking app to minimalise human contact and keep everyone safe and distanced.

With a handful of places already signed up to the pilot programme, FETCH is preparing hotels to host quarantine passengers effortlessly. FETCH’s groundbreaking technology lends itself to room service, in that hotels can place a small sensor in the room on which guests can simply tap with their phones; this will bring up the hotel’s menu (no download necessary), order and pay (all contactless) through an automated system.

This is amazing from a guest point of view as not only is it organised, it’s also safe and contactless, all under their own control and from their own phone. Ever been in a restaurant with rush hour lunch? Imagine that in a hotel that has to look after 100’s of guests. With FETCH you will be able to pre-order each meal so the hotel has everything prepared.

On the flip-side, from an operations point of view, it’s not just about safety but also efficiency - working smarter, not harder. Hotels can plan out food requirements for tomorrow’s breakfast today, quickly and timely with no wastage. By asking guests to order before a certain deadline, e.g. breakfast before 9pm the night before, hotels can kit-out all those breakfasts all in due time with all the orders in one centralised system.

Hotels are coming to us with the urgent need to get this right. It was hard enough to organise a solid buffet, but to deal with a “room service blitz” three times per day requires a whole other level of planning and internal logistics. We can deploy our solution in a day and they can have all their orders coming in to one place.

With safety and operations sitting as the top priority, FETCH is uniquely positioned to get hotels and their guests through it together. Selecting a partner for the future is crucial too and we already have proprietary location technology to take service to a whole new level, plus an exciting product roadmap.” says Darren Panto, Enterprise Sales Director.

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 Make sure you offer your customers a safe, quick and contactless way to order and pay for food and drinks.